About DC Baby

Hi there. We’re Leala and Sarah. We’re two moms who managed to survive the first five  years of motherhood thanks to the support of our “mom friends.”

We know it can be hard to meet new friends, especially when you’re a new parent. But it is soooooo worth it! That’s why launched DC Baby. DC Baby is designed to help new and expecting moms meet and support one another during one of the most challenging, and exciting, times in our lives.

Like politics, making mom friends is all about being local. But we know it can be difficult to find times to get together between busy work schedules and naptimes. That’s why we developed a private, non-judgemental Facebook community where people ask questions, share information, and offer recommendations to help fellow Washingtonian parents thrive in the challenging season that is early parenthood.

Offline, we host in-person events where we learn, share, and connect with fellow moms who all have the same goal: doing the best we can for our little ones.

We encourage to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or ideas. Welcome to DC Baby!

Meet Leala and Sarah

About Leala

I love to connect people with each other and to  resources that can help support them during pregnancy and parenting. I have two young children who have have lead me to make some of my dearest friends to date and discover the whole new world of parenting in DC.

About Sarah

I’m a writer, do-gooder, wife, and mother of two. Whether I’m in the store or on the playground, I love talking to people about early parenthood: its challenges, its joys, and most important, its profound impact on the people we are and the children we raise. I can’t wait to meet you and your little ones!


“This class got me through the early weeks and months of motherhood. It was so helpful to know I wasn’t alone in all that I struggled with. The class was structured so that there was room to talk about whatever topics were most needed at the time. I loved the class and am planning to do the next session too!”

“It’s such a wonderful way to plug into the mama community in our neighborhood.”

” I gained friends, more confidence, and resources. I learned so much in a short amount of time that was invaluable. Thank you!”

“It’s been a chance in my quality of life over maternity leave to engage with other new moms, while making friends in this journey. Thanks!”

“It’s a must!”

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